To help consumers by identifying pharmacies and related facilities that meet certain quality standards, and

To help facilities that dispense prescription medications to reach the highest standards of safety, quality and value.


Pharmacy Accreditation Services, NFP is an independent 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that surveys and accredits pharmaceutical care facilities around the world. We strive for consumers to recognize the PAS seal as a symbol of quality for pharmacies and related facilities that meet certain quality standards. PAS is based in Naperville, Illinois, USA.

We're different from other companies that claim to accredit pharmacies. Our competition is staffed by MBAs, focused only on specialty pharmacies, limited to U.S. facilities, funded by pharmaceutical companies and/or using low quality standards. We are staffed by a pharmacy clinician, focused on community "bricks and mortar" facilities and online facilities. We are international in scope and independently funded. Most importantly, we use rigorous quality standards based on the best practices of American pharmacies.


Licensed pharmacy technician Scott D. McKibbin is Pharmacy Accreditation Services' executive director. As the Special Advocate for Prescription Drugs for the state of Illinois, he co-led a multi-agency team to study importation of prescription drugs. The resulting reports were used as the basis of the first program in the nation to allow uninsured residents from Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin, Vermont and Missouri access to safe and affordable medications from Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

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Patient safety.
Pharmacy quality.

Good faith participation matters. We ask our pharmacies to participate in our surveys in good faith. At one pharmacy, cleaning logs were missing during a survey. The pharmacist disclosed that the facility had been cleaning, but it hadn't kept cleaning logs. The pharmacy started keeping cleaning logs the week before, as soon as management learned of the survey. For disclosing this, the pharmacy was not penalized. To learn more about this and other stories that inspired Pharmacy Accreditation Services, contact us.
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