Accreditation Services
We educate consumers about quality pharmacies,
and we educate pharmacies about quality standards.
Here's why:
  • Growing numbers of Americans buy essential medications from beyond U.S. borders to save money.
  • Online pharmacies based outside the United States are not always who they say they are.
  • No other agency currently surveys and accredits foreign pharmacies on behalf of American consumers.
Pharmacy Accreditation Services guides consumers to pharmacies that have met more than 50 quality standards. We aim to assure patients that the pharmacy or Web site they use for personal importation has been inspected by individuals who are experienced, qualified and knowledgeable – and who understand the clinical and policy ramifications of a facility’s failure to provide quality medications.
We do not advocate the practice of importing prescription drugs. If patients can afford to buy prescription medications at their local pharmacy, that is the best option. But we realize prescription drugs are expensive in the United States – and we realize some consumers have to make the personal choice between paying for food and paying for medicines. For those who choose to personally import the prescription drugs they require, we try to provide peace of mind that they are getting authentic medicines when they are purchased from a PAS-accredited pharmacy.
Pharmacy Accreditation Services. Patient safety. Pharmacy quality.
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New Service Verifies Pharmacy Quality, Safety
Pharmacy Accreditation Services helps protect consumers who buy discount medicines online
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