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1.  Pharmacies and facilities that dispense medications based on a prescription from a physician and have been in business for at least three months.

2. Facilities that are legally organized entities that provide medications, pharmaceutical care and medication therapy management (or the Canadian, British or Australian equivalent of this service).

3. Facilities in compliance with all national, state/provincial and local laws and regulations.

4. Facilities licensed by the appropriate authorities in the jurisdiction where it is located.


1. Review the compliance of the facility with PAS standards of accreditation.

2. Review the licenses of the facility and clinical personnel.

3. Review the facility’s policies and procedures and their compliance with them.

4. Review the physical environment of the facility.

5. Interview key personnel such as the chief pharmacist.

6. Observe the dispensing and packaging process.

7. Review the facility’s medication therapy management process, where applicable.

8. Review key laws and regulations applicable in the jurisdiction where facility is located.


Through a rigorous survey process that checks facilities on more than 50 quality standards, PAS identifies pharmacies that provide lower-cost medications to those who want them and also practice in an ethical manner.

Our standards protect privacy and pocketbooks.

Our standards protect patient safety.

Our standards ensure pharmacy quality.

Look for this certificate of accreditation to ensure your pharmacy has met the highest quality standards:

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Patient safety.
Pharmacy quality.

Warning labels matter. One medication prescribed to patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a capsule that should be inhaled. A pharmacy dispensed the medication with its inhaler but no directions about how to use it. The patient swallowed two capsules – and was hospitalized with poisoning. To learn more about this and other stories that inspired Pharmacy Accreditation Services, contact us.
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