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Prescription Drug Affordability Act (HR 147)Bill Text-112th Congress
New Service Verifies Pharmacy Quality, Safety
Pharmacy Accreditation Services helps protect consumers who buy discount medicines online.
Information on Importation of Drugs
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration prohibits interstate shipment and importation of certain drugs, with some important exceptions. Get to know federal regulations for personal prescription drug importation on the FDA's website.
Can Illinois Residents and Businesses Safely and Effectively Purchase Prescription Drugs from Europe?
The short answer: yes, while saving millions of dollars. In this 2004 study co-authored by PAS Executive Director Scott McKibbin, learn how the state of Illinois studied cost savings through prescription drug importation from Europe and Canada.
Patient safety.
Pharmacy quality.

Clear directions matter. After receiving birth control counseling from a school nurse, a 16-year-old girl became pregnant. The school nurse asked the girl whether she used the spermicidal jelly the nurse had given her. The girl's response: "It didn't taste very good, but I ate it every day." To learn more about this and other stories that inspired Pharmacy Accreditation Services, contact us.
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